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Trading Course



  • Stock Market Basics. 

  • Candlestick basics.

  • Different types of candlesticks.

  • 3 important Candlestick patterns.

  • 3 important chart patterns.

  • Market Structure.

  • MTF analysis.

  • How to draw Support, Resistance & Trendlines.         (Using MTF analysis)

  • Basics of Forex.

  • 3 important Indicators.

        (How to use them in the Indian & Forex Market)

  • 4 important Strategies.

  • High Win rate & Risk reward Strategies. 

         FIINANCED+ X1 Strategy.

         FIINANCED+ X2 Strategy (supply & Demand)

         FIINANCED+ X2 Strategy (Fib Retracement)

  • Risk management 

  • Psychology

  • Life management.

All in One Course



  • Basics of all markets.

  • Candlesticks in Details.

  • All types of candlestick patterns.

  • All types of chart patterns.

  • Deep dive on Multiple Time Frame analysis.

  • How to backtest properly.

  • How to set Target Price & Stop Loss.

  • Positional Trading technical analysis.

  • Stock selection for Intraday trade.

  • Stock selection for Swing trade.

  • Long & Short in a Swing Trade.

  • Future & Options

              Option Geeks

              Call & Put Option

              In the Money, At the Money &

              Out of the money.

              Option buying day trading strategies.

  • Indian Market Strategies & Indicators

                  Breakout, Retest & Reversal.

                  FIINANCED 3EMA.

                  RSI, RSI Divergences.



                  Bollinger Band.

                  FIINANCED+ X1 Day Trading Strategy for                                            Banknifty & Nifty 50.

  • Forex 

​                Pip Calculation.

                 Timing of Forex.

                 (Pairs to trade in each session)



                 Lot & Margin.

  • How to calculate lots according to risk    management?

  • Type of Market order.

  • Strategies & Indicators 

                3 EMA.



                     -with VWAP.

                Fibonacci retracement.

                RSI Strategies.

                     - with respect to market structure.

                     - Divergence.

                     - Hidden Divergences.

                Bollinger Band Strategy 

                MACD strategy.

                Volume strategy.

  • High Win rate & Risk reward Strategies. 

           FIINANCED+ X1 Strategy.

           FIINANCED+ X2 Strategy (supply & Demand)

           FIINANCED+ X2 Strategy (Fib Retracement)

  • Crypto

                 Fundamental Analysis of crypto coin. 

                 Adoption rate.

                 Types of Wallet. 

                 Diversification of portfolio.

                 How to use Binance & Metamask.

                 Crypto Futures.

                 Cross & Isolated orders.


  • Risk management 

  • Psychology

  • Life management.

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