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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy (“Policy”) for

We can also be contacted at We will only use the personal data gathered over this website as set out in this policy. Below you will find information on how we use your personal data, for which purposes your personal data is used.

FIINANCED is a start-up that helps people to learn how to make money from the financial markets with the help of our online courses and youtube channel. We also help our clients earn from trading with the help of FIINANCED+ Assistance and FIINANCED+ Indicators we developed in-house. The following summary offers a quick overview of the data processing activities that are undertaken on our website. You will find more detailed information under the indicated sections below.


  • When you visit our website for informational reasons without setting up an account, only limited personal data will be processed to provide you with the website itself and the smoothest experience possible.

  • In case you sign-up at our website, and register for one of our services,  further personal data will be processed in the scope of such services to provide you with the most suitable products to boost your financial goal even more. 

  • Furthermore, your personal data will be used to provide you with relevant advertising for our services and products and for statistical analysis that helps us to improve our website.

  •  Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

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